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Trailer Repairs

GL Trailers provides high quality maintenance and repair service for all types of trailers. Our team of trained technicians with years of experience diagnose and work on the trailer to fix all the repair issues of Car Carrier Trailers, Box Trailers, Bike Trailers, Tandem Trailers, Tradesman Top Trailers, Bobcat Trailers and several others.

We provide complete repair services, welding/refurbishment, Suspension repairs, air and spring Rewiring, LED lighting, Axle replacements/brake relines, Air system serviced/repairs or replacement, also include plumbing, relay valves and boosters. Minor and major, mechanical overhauls, engines, turbos, fuel systems, complete rebuilds in and out of chassis can also be done.

GL Trailers have a wide range of parts to provide a comprehensive repair in a short turnaround time. We ensure to provide you good service at an affordable price. Whenever you need any assistance you’re your trailer, please Contact us and we will be happy to provide our service.

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