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GL Trailers is a Geelong based professional trailer manufacturer. We Sell, Hire and Repair Trailers and can also offer Trade-In. We also deal in trailer parts and accessories.

At GL Trailers, we design and build custom made trailers according to your specifications and needs. Your trailers are built by highly experienced staff. We use best quality materials to build your trailers and offer 15 months Standard Warranty and 24 months Structural Warranty* compared to some manufacturers who only offer 12 months.

GL Trailers always has huge range of Single and dual axle trailers in stock for both residential and trade customers.

GL Trailers is known for its strong commitment towards customer satisfaction, reasonable prices, and best quality trailers throughout Australia.

Now you can Hire/Buy Trailers and buy Trailer Parts directly from our website.

We have a Trailer for all your Needs.

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Frequently Asked Question

1What is the correct tow bar to fit to my vehicle?
The tow bar must have a capacity that exceeds the loaded weight of the trailer you are intending to tow. Therefore, you must check the rating of the tow bar and the vehicles rated towing capacity which is included in the towing section of the cars handbook. There are two types of tow bar available. For light duty towing generally up to 1250 Kg 'standard' tow bars with a bolt on tongue are used. For heavy duty towing a hitch receiver is used which has a square hole designed for a removable ball mount or the GL Trailers Weight Distributing Hitch.
2How can I determine the rating or capacity of my vehicle?
If your vehicle has a tow rating this can be found in the handbook under the towing section. The vehicle tow rating will include a trailer weight capacity and a trailer ball weight capacity. All GL Trailerstow bars have a compliance plate which states the maximum tow rating and the tow bar ball weight capacity. You should check the handbook to check the details for your model.
3How can I check my ball weight?
Ball weight refers to the weight on the front end of the trailer not carried over the axles. As a rule, you should aim to have 10 percent of the total trailer weight as ball weight. This can be measured at a weigh bridge by resting the jockey wheel only on the scale. Alternatively,GL Trailers distributors have a Ball Weight scale with which you can measure your ball weight by placing it under the coupling and winding the weight off the jockey wheel
4When do I need a Weight Distributing Hitch?
If your trailer's ball weight is causing the back end of the vehicle to sag, a weight distributing hitch can be used to return the vehicle to its normal height and ensure you have full traction for braking and steering control. The weight distributing hitch is designed to ensure a return to even distribution of weight across all wheels of the tow vehicle and trailer. This even distribution ensures that positive steering and braking control is maintained.

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